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SHE by SO.CAP.USA HAIR Extensions


Kendra Runnals is a master stylist and certified SHE by SO.CAP.USA hair extension technician. All SHE by SO.CAP.USA hair is 100% human hair and comes in over 90 shades and available in three different textures, straight, medium wave, and curly. The bonds are made from 100% keratin-protein and contain NO glue, resin, plastic or adhesive and are non-damaging to your hair.


SHE by SO.CAP.USA is based out of Italy, and is the number one hair extension company in the world. The quality of the product (hair), training and education behind the product is like no other. SHE by SO.CAP.USA does not sell hair online or to the general public.


SO.CAP.USA only allows licensed stylists that are certified by SO.CAP.USA to purchase SHE by SO.CAP.USA hair and equipment. This is important to ensure the extensions are being properly applied and correct instructions and products are given to each client. This guarantees the product and integrity of not only the extensions but most important, the client’s own hair.


SHE by SO.CAP.USA offers the lowest bonding temperature on the market for warm fusion hair extensions. SHE by SO.CAP extensions last 3-6 months depending on the growth pattern and care of each individual client.


Hair Extension FAQ’s


Q. How are the extensions put into my own hair?

A. The attachment process is very safe & is non-damaging to your natural hair. A patented, keratin-protein bond is softened with a unique tool & then formed around your natural hair. The protein bond replicates the molecular composition as that of human hair, which ensures that there is no damage done to the natural hair.




Q. Will SHE by SoCap extensions damage my own hair?

A. The SHE by SO.CAP technologies ensure that there is no damage to your own hair. An at-home care sheet will be provided and gone over with you at your consultation. SHE by SO.CAP uses absolutely NO glues, waxes, braids, knotting, or beading processes which very often severely damages hair!When the hair is cared for, as demonstrated to you by your stylist, long-lasting, healthy, gorgeous hair will be achieved and maintained. The main step in the at-home care is brushing with a special brush. Your hair naturally sheds anywhere from 50-150 hairs a day. The hair inside the bond will have nowhere to go, once shed. Brushing allows the naturally shed hair to lie down and not get inter-mixed with the rest of your hair. This intermingling can cause tangling at the bond, which can greatly increase the time it takes to remove the extensions.




Q. What makes SHE by SO.CAP Hair Extensions “the best”?

A. There are many reasons SHE by SoCap is considered among the best in the industry. SHE by SO.CAP maintains the highest level of integrity of the hair they sell by making it’s products available only to SHE by SO.CAP trained and certified technicians. If you are not highly trained in the field of hair extensions, you cannot acquire the SHE by SO.CAP signature hair. (and yes, there is a huge difference).With So.cap extensions the hair’s cuticle layer is perfect, healthy, and intact. Many steps are taken to ensure the hair maintains a standard of excellence. This includes ensuring that all of the hair cuticle is aligned in one direction, completely ridding the extensions of excessive tangling.




Q. How long will the SHE by SO.CAP extensions last in my hair?

A. These extensions last anywhere from 3-6 months. This all depends on your natural hair and what the extensions were put in for. A thicker head of hair is going to last much longer than that of fine hair, due to the size of bonds being used. Hair growth, natural shedding, color, density, and care are all things that determine the longevity of your extensions. Home-care maintenance, if followed, ensures that you will maintain the healthy, longest lasting extensions for your hair.




Q. Is the hair difficult to style or manage?

A. The hair has a beautiful texture, which is absolutely gorgeous. These extensions deliver the “wash and go” freedom while looking like you spent your time with it. The hair is VERY easily blown straight, with little effort at all and can be worn in any style you wish, while holding its shape (no more curls that fall flat!!) If you have wavy, very curly or straight hair the extensions can be customized by specifically ordering the texture of hair you need and incorporating it with your color and desired end result. The hair is very easy to manage and is not at all high maintenance. Any style you can achieve with natural hair you can also do with the extensions.




Q. Can I chemically treat my hair with SHE by SO.CAP Extensions?

A. Chemical services can be done, but it is recommended that the chemical services be applied by a trained SHE by SO.CAP stylist. These stylists are trained to use the correct products and procedures that will maintain the integrity of the ‘protein bond’, while still giving you the amazing results you expect. Your natural hair (hair around the bonds) can still be color treated, but only a SHE by SO.CAP stylist knows exactly what to do when dealing with extensions, and if they are performing your chemical service, they will know what can and can’t be done when working with these extensions. It is not recommended to color treat the actual extension hair.




Q. How long does it take to do?

A. Approximately 1 hour per 30 strands. Some adjustments to time may be made due to how long it takes to do the pre- application prep and the finished style. Also if it is reconstructive work being done with micro bonds more time needs to be allotted.The consultation will better determine the approximate time to plan for.




Q. Can I reuse the extensions?

A. So. Cap hair is not reusable, due to the bond being broken down during the removal process. At our salon we work with two non-profit organizations and donate the non-reusable hair for wigs to be




Q. How do you take the SHE by SO.CAP extensions out?

A. A SHE by SO.CAP stylist can easily remove the extensions by using the SO.CAP So Gel removal solution and tool, which allows the bond to soften and slip out of the hair. It does not remove your own hair; you can continue to grow your natural hair under an extension application. The amount of time it takes to remove the extensions depends on how well you follow the home-care maintenance regime and if you brush your hair daily, as instructed.




Q. How much will the extensions cost?

A. Each head of hair is different. The cost depends firstly on why you are getting the service.. Length, Volume, Color, or Style. The cost also depends on your own color, texture, and density.All SHE by SO.CAP extension services are customized specifically for each person. The hair’s prep work, precise application, placement, customized cutting and blending, colors used, bond attachment/size, and everything else in-between.. all play major roles in the outcome of your extensions. This is why choosing a certified, creative, and well-educated stylist along with the highest quality extensions is the only way to go.




Q. I am interested in getting the SHE by SO.CAP extensions, what do I need to do now?

A. A consultation appointment must be made. This will allow further details to be discussed and any questions you may have will be addressed. During this time you will be educated on the ‘start-to-finish’ process and application, look at some before and after photos, and your hair will be analyzed thoroughly.

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